Inspired by disaster

This post and the accompanying song demo is, as the title insinuates, inspired by disaster. ┬áThe disastrous end to a talented man’s life, the disaster that ensues when a person becomes addicted to any person, place, thing that elicits a euphoric feeling. I had heard that Phillip Seymour Hoffman had passed and it not-so subtly made its way into the song I wrote. I thought a lot about how not only drug addiction, but addiction to anything harmful or hurtful or even benign can take take over our lives. With or without support from those you love, addiction can pull you apart. We’ve all experienced it in one form or other in varying degrees. I don’t have the experience, so can’t imagine in the slightest what that wonderfully talented actor went through. I did do my best to capture the hope someone might feel when they find something or someone they think can make them overcome that feeling of disaster.

Ok, so those are the thoughts that swam in my head when writing the song. However, it’s not all about literal thoughts. There’s definitely a fair amount of other things I can’t explain floating around in there when I write. Those I’m sure ended up in here too. Marrying those thoughts with music is the part that is even less literal. I started singing this one in my head before I even touched my phone. Yeah, I’ve been using my phone to type out lyrics lately. I used to always write everything with pen and paper and I must say, there’s a fair amount of romanticism that’s lost by typing on a computer or iPhone. I don’t think I’ve quite gotten past that. I even thought about grabbing an old typewriter at one point because all that romanticism does add up when it comes to feeding your subconscious. Alas, I’m using that iPhone and using my dancing thumbs to type thoughts and lyrics as they spew from my brain. On top of that all, I thought, what they hey, I’ll just add another layer of technology to what I do if I’m going that direction. I started using google drive to host all my lyrics in google doc form. And with the google drive app, I can add those lyrics, then go to my laptop and add to them, then go to my other computer or iPad or whatever and edit them. It’s kind of magical.

Oh hey, here’s the track. I used a drum loop on this one. It was fun. I hope you have fun listening. Later.