Catching up. Week four.

I know it’s week seven, but as I mentioned in my previous post, I’m catching up. Also, if you missed out on what this whole thing is about, check it out here.

The week four phrase was “my darling minion”. Sometimes when I see the phrase of the week, I purposely avoid it and go on with my little songwriting mind. I’ll draft the whole song, then drop that phrase into the mix. This particular phrase kept haunting my mind with a cartoon image from Despicable Me, as you can imagine. So, I thought, what the heck. Why don’t I pretend I’m a minion too and this image in my mind is my lover? From there, it turned into a┬ástory about┬ástar-crossed lover cartoon minions. See what you signed up for by reading this shit?

For the recording process, I turned to my trusty Apple Logic and just stuck a mic in front of my face. Then, I plugged my Joe Strummer model telecaster into my Presonus interface and cranked up one of Logic’s many amp modelers. For those of you who have no idea what any of that means, that’s ok. This part is partly for the gear geeks and partly for those that want to know what’s going through my head while I’m in this demo phase of the game. I don’t have any sort of amazing gear collection, but when I decide I want convey a certain feel or I want to stray from the normal protocol, I will grab something different. In this case, instead of grabbing one of my trusty acoustic guitars, I wanted to mix up the backing instrumentation. Again, I had high hopes for putting drum tracks, keys, bass, the whole bit behind this, but time gets in the way. So, I will plan on doing all that later when I roll out a more finished recording. I may have mentioned before, I plan on posting those finished recordings of these very songs at some point too. But, for now it’s rough demo time. Some are rougher than others.

Anyway, here’s what’s tentatively titled “I’ll stay for you”. If you can get that damn cartoon character out of your head while you’re hearing it and focus on the one you love instead, it might make for a clearer picture of the final intention. The things that pop into my head are often starting points for a more abstract interpretation.